VOLTZ Pilot#Øne
Pilot#Øne is a 3D NFT, compatible with 3D galleries and spaces like OnCyber, including the free ones or the RTFKT ones: SpacePod, or PodX (you can take a look in the screenshots here below).
Pilot#Øne was a free airdrop for the Discord fam and it is TOTALLY independent from the main drop of VOLTZ avatars

What is Pilot#Øne utility?
It will play a very cool role within the VOLTZ ecosystem. And you will need one to activate special features.

Have a safe journey, VOLTZ fam.
Everything starts here
This is the inaugural flight mission through the cosmos.
Our journey together has begun. Fasten your seatbeltz.

Pilot#Øne is the absolute first utility-driven airdrop ever released by VOLTZ and will play a huge role in the VOLTZ AVATAR ecosystem.

Official link on OpenSea