VOLTZ AlphaBook
Each and every answer is here.
What is VOLTZ? Why is it the most exciting project we ever worked on?
On this page you can read about our genesis and the ecosystem, the goals and the principles that guide our creative and tech process.
Here you will also find a recap of the supply, the tokenomics, the staking, the VAULT, tutorials, +++.
If you’ll ever have a question that this page doesn’t answer, please reach out in our DISCORD SERVER, and we will publish it here!
What is VOLTZ? ⚡️
VOLTZ is a 3D Avatar ecosystem, aiming to offer state-of-the-art tools for the creation and enhancement of your digital identity. An expanding universe where tech innovation is delivered through high quality design and exciting narrative.
What is a VOLTZ Avatar?
Your VOLTZ is a high quality 3D Avatar: the core of your digital identity.
Each VOLTZ Avatar is fully ready for Metaverse and Gaming.
Your 3D files (multiple formats), the high resolution images and more resources are available in the VAULT: a powerful and ever evolving Web3 tool-kit (secure access with Ethereum wallet).
Read more about the VAULT.
For how long will my VOLTZ Avatars have utility?
VOLTZ Avatars will grant you lifetime upgrades and utilities, expanding your NFT collection and facilitating your access to an ever evolving Metaverse.
In other words: if you have missed any airdrop, do not worry. There will be more.
As the Metaverse approaches mass adoption, VOLTZ will gain growing relevance.
What is the story behind VOLTZ Avatars? (lore)
VOLTZ are highly experienced Pilots: they tirelessly explore new planetary systems, hunting clues about their glorious past. Their scientific research is mainly focused on energy creation and storage, to develop a sustainable society (... and to build faster spacecrafts, obviously :D)
What are the core values of the VOLTZ team?
We are innovators and visionaries focused on delivering full web3 capabilities, driven by the idea of expanding social interactions and creativity through Augmented Reality and Metaverse-based experiences.
We believe that all metaverse ecosystems should collaboratively contribute to the scene technical and cultural growth, through interoperability and merging tools.
Who created VOLTZ?
BAAKO is a Design and Software Development agency.
Established in 2003, it currently has two studios: Milano (IT) and Berlin (DE).
BAAKO creates award-winning products for international clients with high standard of design and tech sophistication.
Products and Design focus areas: Websites and Mobile Applications, Business Intelligence tools, Generative Arts, Corporate Identity, Print and Packaging, Advertising, Videos, 2D/3D Animation, +++
Where to start?
How to join the VOLTZ ecosystem like a pro: a super compact ABC degen guide.
• Get VOLTZ Avatar(s).
• Get VOLTZ StarShips (with Rarity Boosts configurator).
• HODL to EARN ZAPz⚡️ (automatic NFT staking).

For further details about all the collections: explore the section “Supply and Tokenomics”
VOLTZ Ecosystem
NOTE: each and every NFT in the ecosystem offers staking (HODL to EARN).

• 3D Metaverse-ready and Gaming-ready ready Avatars
• 3D Personal land parcels for each Avatar (PODz)
• 3D StarShips, with a powerful Rarity Booster configurator
• 3D “Key” NFTs (Pilot#One, King Pilot’s Helmet, ++) that can be used to boost the rarity of the StarShips, and grant access to special mint events and new features.
• 3D Wearables
• 3D Wearables for Decentraland
Supply and Tokenomics
NOTE: each and every NFT in the ecosystem offers staking (HODL to EARN).
VOLTZ Avatar mint VIAL
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VOLTZ Avatar
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VOLTZ StarShip
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VOLTZ Avatar
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The VAULT is your powerful and secure control panel, where you can manage your VOLTZ collections.
It is a web3 tool safely protected by your browser wallet of choice.

How can I access my VOLTZ VAULT?
What will I find in the VAULT?
Here is where the whole magic happens.
• 3D files (FBX, GBL and VRM files)
• ZAPz⚡️ total balance, and earning details
• PFP high resolution image(s)
• The VOLTZ PFP mixer!
Where can I get my 3D files?
1 → Go to https://voltz.me/en/vault.
2 → Connect your wallet.
3 → Select the avatar you want to get the files from.
4 → Open the “3D generator” tab.
5 → Download the files that suit your purpose : )

You’ll find multiple 3D formats:
VRM Compatibility: MONAverse, Webaverse, VRchat, VROID, VRAST, and many more gaming, VR and 3D modelling environments.

Avatar-Encrypted-Link (VOLTZ VRM x MONA).
This is a private and encrypted link, available only to you, and it cannot be guessed/retrieved outside of your VAULT. Copy your VRM link, visit your favourite MONAverse.com space and paste the link in the MONA interface (Avatar -> Change Your Avatar -> Import VRM). Invite your VOLTZ frens clicking on “Host a Hangout”.

GBL: Full body Avatar (Gaming Rig). Compatibility: Webaverse, ThreeJS, Blender, and many more Gaming, VR and 3D modelling environments.

For support: join our discord!
But I have zero 3D experience! 0.0
Do not worry fam, we got u covered.
You can find easy tutorials in our dedicated discord and youtube channels.

How to upload your 3D files in VRChat.
How to play with your 3D files in MONAverse.
How to import your GLB in Blender.
How to apply a MIXAMO animation in Blender.
Learn about staking (Hold to Earn), Engage to Earn, Rewards, multiwallet, and more.
Where can I see my current balance of earned ZAPz⚡️?
→ https://voltz.me/en/vault
Supporting the community brings high rewards. We have connected the VAULT to the APIs of:
• Discord (500xp = 1 ZAP⚡️)
• Twitter (1 Retweet = 1 ZAP⚡️)

Further ZAPz⚡️ rewards are distributed during community initiatives and art contests.
HODL to EARN (Staking)
• VOLTZ Avatar VIAL (ZAPz⚡️ staking per day: 0.2055) (75 ZAPz⚡️ per year).
• VOLTZ Avatar (ZAPz⚡️ staking per day: 0.0685) (25 ZAPz⚡️ per year).
• VOLTZ VOLTZ StarShip (ZAPz⚡️ staking per day: the sum of all the Rarity Boosters that have been equipped to this StarShip; detailed calculation: available in the VAULT).
• VOLTZ POD (ZAPz⚡️ staking per day: TBA after Starship mint).
• VOLTZ King’s Helmet (ZAPz⚡️ staking per day: 0.6164) (225 ZAPz⚡️ per year).
• VOLTZ VOLTZ Key Sword (ZAPz⚡️ staking per day: 1.0) (365 ZAPz⚡️ per year).
• VOLTZ Pilot#One (ZAPz⚡️ staking per day: 0.0548) (20 ZAPz⚡️ per year).
• VOLTZ VOLTZ DCL Wearables (ZAPz⚡️ staking per day: 0.0274) (10 ZAPz⚡️ per year).
• when you purchase a minimum of 3 VOLTZ Avatar Mint VIALz within the same day (CET clock), you automatically receive 45 ZAPz⚡️ for each swept VIAL (e.g. sweeping 3 VIAlz you receive 135 ZAPz⚡️).
• when you purchase a minimum of 3 VOLTZ Avatars within the same day (CET clock), you automatically receive 15 ZAPz⚡️ for each swept VIAL (e.g. sweeping 3 Avatarz you receive 45 ZAPz⚡️).
How can I start staking my VOLTZ NFTs?
You don't need to do anything, fam: simply HODL to EARN!
VOLTZ has created an innovative staking formula that doesn’t require locking your NFTs in any smart contract. Aiming to the max simplified process and UX, we collect on chain the dates of mint/purchase and sell/transfer, and automatically calculate your staking balance based on the total time you have been holding that NFT.
What can I acquire with my earned ZAPz⚡️?
• Allocating ZAPz⚡️ you can get VOLTZ StarShips FREE MINT spots.
• Allocating ZAPz⚡️ you can add Rarity BOOSTERS to your VOLTZ StarShips.
• Allocating ZAPz⚡️ you can secure VOLTZ WL spots and WL spots of partner projects.
• Acquiring gaming features (collab partners. TBA). • Acquiring custom VR features and AR filters (details TBA).
• More TBA.
Where do I see the ZAPz⚡️ I have earned in the past holding NFTS that I do not hold anymore?
All the ZAPz⚡️ earned in the past are included in your total balance. The staking of the NFTs you do not hold anymore is naturally INCLUDED! In other words, when an NFT gets transferred out of your wallet, its staking balance doesn’t leave that wallet.
You can verify the subtotals clicking on the INFO icon near the ZAPz⚡️ totals, in the VAULT.
NOTE: at the top of each NFT list, you can show/hide the previously owned NFTs clicking on the clock icon.
And what if my VOLTZ NFTs are distributed on different wallets?
The VAULT will soon support MULTIPLE WALLETS, using the powerful and audited features of delegate.cash. Delegate.cash has been successfully adopted by AAA projects like BAYC, Invisible Friends, and many more.
The development update will be announced in discord and Twitter.
If I transfer an NFT out of my wallet, will the earned ZAPz get transferred too?
No fam, the earned ZAPz will remain in the wallet where they have been earned.
That's the right way, and here's why.
Imagine you hodl a VIAL for 3 months; the staking has created a good bag of ZAPz. then you decide to sell, or gift the VIAL. Why should that transfer txn bring away your ZAPz? You have been diamond handed for 3 months: that earning must be yours, and remain in the original wallet.
Why can't I transfer ZAPz to a different wallet?
ZAPz cannot be transferred because we want to avoid trading and speculation (and dangerous selling pressure, which would harm passionate and patiend diamond hands).
No big pocket can buy a high ZAPz balance.
The true love and support you offer is a crucial value in this community.
Thank you, btw. You are legend. ⚡️♥️ ⚡️
How to mint and reveal a VOLTZ Avatar VIAL?
Price of one VOLTZ Avatar VIAL?
0,075 ETH.
How many VIALz can I mint?
You can mint a max of 5 tokens per transaction.
You can make as many transactions as you want.
Maximum VIALz supply: 3.333.
Tutorial: of how to mint a VIAL → https://scribehow.com/shared/Mint_VIALz__yj2wDXhKR-2tMLbg_GGJTA
How can I reveal (burn) a VIAL, and get my 3 Avatars?
1 → Go to https://reveal.voltz.me/
2 → Connect your wallet
3 → Select the VIAL you want to reveal, and sign the transaction.
NOTE: for the reveal you only spend the txn eth gas. The contract/website are excellently optimised: if you pick a low gas moment you’ll spend only a couple of bucks.
4 → Your 3 VOLTZ Avatars will get minted by the Smart Contract and will appear in your wallet NOTE: remember to refresh the metadata on your marketplace of choice. This will speed up the reveal of your avatar’s metadata and PFP.
Tutorial: of how to reveal a VIAL → https://scribehow.com/shared/Reveal_VIALz__K4LFL1_5TRq5oQaUtGJJhg?back_to=browser
VOLTZ StarShips: The Exploration Era
Full Tokenomics and guidance will be published during the first week of Feb 2023. Please visit again this section when we will drop the official announcement.